Artist: Enrico Nagel

Enrico Nagel​ (b. 1987 in Berlin), is an autodidact collage artist and illustrator based in Paris.
Blending the world of fashion and art, Enrico Nagel’s ‘Paradise Garden’ series features some peculiar beheaded beauties. Transforming editorials by swapping seductive pouts with sensual flowers, the German artist creates captivating surreal portraits.
Nagel uses collage techniques with glossy magazine spreads to fabricate his eerie and hauntingly beautiful images. His experimental portraits seek to question the idealised nature and stylised beauty that correspond to the fashion industry. The controversial topic of air-brushing and post-production editing continues to loom in the magazine business.
The works from his series ‘Paradise Garden’ (2018) which were specifically created for MŌ Gallery are a hybrid between ‘Secret Garden’ (2012) and ‘Au Paradis des Couleurs’ (2014).
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