Artist: Kirsten Perry

-Collection Local Tactility-
Kirsten is an Australian ceramist who has been a finalist in various awards between 1997 to 2017.
In her work she investigates errors, the fact of change and anthropomorphism and challenging the aesthetics by highlighting and exaggerating them through humor in contrary to traditional ceramists.
A confrontation between materials is shown in her work, as she recreate objects and textures such as paper, foam and cardboard which are not usually associated with ceramics, transforming the object’s original purpose and value.
Now MŌ gallery is representing her latest collection Local Tactility created as part of her residency in Hale-Germany at Anna Dorothea Klug’s studio early this year.
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Watching Out The Window

Rocky Ice

Shout Out

Strange Apartment


Stripey Onion Head

Stripey Stacked Poppy Seeds

Diamond Trumpet

Diamond Bulb I

Diamond Bulb II

Diamond Head
Brick Neck

Trio of Dips

Flat Tyre

Diamond Blob

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